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About Barry Technologies Inc.

Specializing in Aircraft Noise Measurement and Reporting


Barry Technologies, Inc. (BTI) was founded in January 2001.  

Since it’s formation, BTI has provided noise monitoring and comprehensive reporting services for the City of Chicago Department of Aviation School Sound Insulation Program including more than 64 schools, resulting in over $100 million in improvement funds received by schools around Chicago O’Hare and Midway Airports.

Building on the foundation of the City of Chicago as its key client, BTI has grown to provide noise measurement and reporting services for inclusion in Environmental Impact Statements (EIS), FAR Part 150 Noise Compatibility Studies, and Ground Run-Up Enclosure (GRE) Acceptance Testing at airports throughout the United States, as well as providing noise measurement consulting services for projects involving highways, rail systems, government agencies, and private industries.
BTI is a certified MBE/DBE firm in the City of Chicago, State of Illinois, and the State of Maryland.

In addition to our noise services, BTI has over 10 years of airport/airfield operations experience. BTI provides support services for FAA FAR part 139 inspection software. With City of Chicago as a client, Barry Technologies is part of a team that maintains software vital to airfield operations at O'Hare Airport.

Barry Technologies most recent service addition  is Electric Vehicle Charging Station project management. Teaming with Ontility we can prvide your residence, municipality, and business parking facility with GE charging stations.

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